Richard Oliver Jr.


Entertainments next "RENAISSANCE MAN", has arrived.

Richard Oliver Jr. without a doubt is indeed a huge force to be reckoned with in 2020. He's an Entrepreneur, Actor, Chef, Writer, Producer, Vocalist and "Mega Solo-Entertainment Powerhouse destined to reach great heights in the entertainment and film industry.
The New York Film Academy, where he began displaying considerable talents both as a dramatic and comedic actor and as a screenwriter, director and film producer starring in various short films, and producing his first documentary film on Hurricane Katrina. While he continued in the film, acting, directing and screenwriting genre, Richard would reached the top of his career with a defining, hilarious and unforgettable performance in his comedy show pilot, as the legendary Dr. Phil from the hit TV program “The Dr. Phil Show” produced by another mentor of his “Oprah Winfrey”.


In preparation for the role Richard would spend months studying the iconic figure, and when the moment came, he nailed the character in a hilarious off the wall comedy sketch entitled: “Dr. Phil Saves A Marriage” featured in SEASON 1 of his sketch comedy web series entitled: “The Rhyme Impersonator Show” (SUBSCRIBE at


Richard successfully raised 13.5K for with not 1 but 2 Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaigns which got his show off the ground to produce 5 successful SEASONS with over 30 PLUS Episodes!. After the premiere release of SEASON 1 of his web series, he was approached by the huge Online Media Giant You-Tube! He has been growing the channel ever since and is soon to hit a milestone of 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS.


Richard is the CEO of his entertainment company ICP Entertainment and founder of the ICP Ent. Short Film Series ( An annual NYC platform that attracts submissions from both the U.S. & International filmmakers for a 1 day series screening were 10 winning films are selected. Richards is set to host his 8th Annual Film Festival in november of 2022.


His next film project is a Romantic Comedy Feature film unlike no other, which he will star in alongside various celebrities and emerging actors. He also plans to produce a 2nd follow up album entitled: "EVERYTHING I HAVE" - 2020.

The album features his Award Winning single entitled: HERO - a song to honor all Frontline Heroes and Essential Workers of Covid-19.

Richard currently resides in Manhattan New York City.




Film Projects
What they are saying:  

He's a "Mega Solo-Entertainment Powerhouse destined to reach great heights in the entertainment industry.


- Veena K.

 “His music is heaven-sent as is he; a prolific songwriter producer, composer and all around true artist.” 


- Michelle.

Some have called Richard a rare and true artist, a diamond in the ruff who is multi-talented in his own right, while others have called him a true "Genius!".


- Steve M.